1- Creating a NEW dev VM for the Development environment of Owasys 4x on Xubuntu:

Create vm:

Open a Terminal

ADD VirtualBox support:

VirtualBox → Devices→ Insert Guest Addition CD image...


  • sudo su
  • cd /media/politick/VBox_GAs....#
  • ./autorun.sh

ADD VMWare support:

Mount CDROM and goto media:

  • cd /media/politick/CDROM/
  • cp upgra64 ~
  • cd ~
  • chmod u+x upgra64 
  • ./upgra64

XOR  apt-get install if above fails:

  • apt-get install open-vm-tools

If you want a remote Desktop in the case this is running in ESXi infrastructure or so.

Install NoMachine for remote desktop (IF you want Remote Desktop !)

Add Development environment  tools:

Goto the Owasys Developer Zone and download the compiler and the patch

As GIT user:


For MORE Info on the compiler See linaro compiler: